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Welcome to the first LJ community for fans of The Librarian films starring Noah Wyle. We welcome icons, wallpapers, screencaps, fanfic, fan art, anything fannish related to The Librarian or The Librarians, the new TV show.

-LJ cut longer posts. A general rule of thumb is if you have to scroll down to read the whole post, you should cut it. It's fine to have part of it visible, and the rest below a cut.
-All icon posts over 3 icons must be placed behind a LJ Cut. This also applies to any large graphics.
-This is not a place to bash the movies because you dislike them. Trolls will be mocked mercilessly, then banned.
-Always be respectful to others. It's fine to disagree/debate the finer(or cheesier) points of the films, but name-calling or harshing the mellow is not cool.
-Have fun! Joking about the movies is welcome and encouraged(this mod intends to do plenty of it herself), just play nice!

If you're new to the community, please introduce yourself! We hope you'll include:
*When did you first see the films?
*What is your favorite scene/movie?
*Who is your favorite character?
*Do you have a favorite quote?
*What do you enjoy most about the films?

Come back again and be sure to tell your friends about this community!

Community affliates:
noah_wyle_fan The name of the community pretty much speaks for itself. Some great stuff here!
thelibrarianstv A comm for the new TV show The Librarians. Check it out!
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